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- The Henry Ford - Dearborn MI 2005 000 1700 Monacan Village - Natural Bridge VA 2004 1830 Passenger Car - B&O RR Museum 1830 Pioneer - B&O RR Museum 1894 Benz Velo - The Henry Ford - Dearborn MI 2005 1903 999 Racer - The Henry Ford - Dearborn MI 2005 1903 Cadillac Model A Runabout 1906 Rapid - The Henry Ford - Dearborn MI 2005 1912 Indian owned by Steve McQueen 1913 Scripps-BoothBi-Autogo 1915 Stutz 1922 Willys-Knight 1923 Ford V-16 Bucket Roadster 1925 Rolls-Royce Phantom 1 1927 Ford Hot Rod Ala Kart II 1927 Ford Touring "Voodoo Doll" 1927 Indian owned by Steve McQueen 1927 Rolls Royce Phantom 1 - Fred Astaire's 1928 Martin Aerodynamic - Lane Motor Museum TN 1929 Austin Seven "Chummy: 1929 Chevy Landau - Detroit Convention Center 2005 1929 Ford Q29 Infinity Flyer 1930 Hot Metal Car - B&O RR Museum 1930 Nash 482R Coupe 1932 Ford "Orange Twist" Model 18 Roadster 1932 Ford Deuce Roadster 1932 Harley-Davidson 1932 Helicron 1932 Helicron Propeller-driven concept car 1933 Ford Victoria - Owned by Nicholas Cage 1934 Ford Ullrich Brothers Hot Rod 1935 Ford Phaeton 1937 Ford Alien 1938 Reo Tractor Motor Home 1939 Bugatti Type 57C Atalante 1939 Pontiac Station Wagon 1941 Cadillac Series 62 Coupe - Clark Gable's 1941 Davis 1942 Inspection Car - B&O RR Museum 1942 Lincoln Custom Limo - Roosevelt 1945 Bell Special Midget Racer 1946 Ford from "Grease" 1946 Hewson Rocket - Lane motor Museum Nashvile 1948 Tucker Series #40 1949 Delhaye Drophead Coupe - Elton John's 1950 Martin Stationette - Lane Motor Museum TN 1950 Mercury Custom 1952 Agajanian - 1952 Indy winner 1952 Chrysler Imperial Parade Phaeton - Eisenhower 1953 Buick Skylark owned by Bob Hope 1953 Cadillac Series 62 Coupe - Rita Hayworth's 1954 Plymouth Sniper 1956 Zundapp Janus 250 - Lane Motor Museum TN 1957 BMW Isetta - Lane motor Museum Nashvile 1957 Liberty Mutual Survival Car 1957 Studebaker-Packard Astral 1957 Studebaker-Packard Flying Concept Car 1958 Edsel Citation 1958 Rogers - The Henry Ford - Dearborn MI 2005 1958 Toyota Toyopet 1959 Cadillac Series 62 Convertible 1959 Chevy Corvette 1959 Eldorado - The Henry Ford - Dearborn MI 2005 1959 Scootacar - Lane Motor Museum TN 1960 Chevy Corvair 1961 Rolls-Royce Phantom V 1962 Mustang - The Henry Ford - Dearborn MI 2005 1963 Chrysler Gas Turbine 1963 Volkswagen Beetle - Herbie 1964 Amphicar - Lane motor Museum Nashvile 1964 Amphicar - Lane Motor Museum TN 1964 Amphicar Model 770 1964 Winton Flyer from The Revivers 1965 Green Monster Jet Engine Car 1965 Hannibal 8 - The Great Race 1965 Lotus 38 - The Henry Ford - Dearborn MI 2005 1965 Peel P50 - Lane motor Museum Nashvile 1965 Peel P50 - Lane Motor Museum TN 1965 Peel Trident - Lane motor Museum Nashvile 1965 Peel Trident - Lane Motor Museum TN 1966 Imperial "Black Beauty" 1966 Velorex - Lane motor Museum Nashvile 1966 Velorex 430 - Lane Motor Museum TN 1967 Ford GT40 Mark III 1971 Detomaso Pantara - Elvis' 1972 Mercedes Benz 300 - Owned by Jack Nicholson 1974 Fascination 1974 Fascination Concept Car 1978 Hybricon Gas-Electric Hybrid 1981 DeLorean DMC 12 Gold-Plated 1982 Knoxville World's Fair Site 1987 Suntera Sunray Prototype 1990 Chevy Lumina NASCAR 1992 - 1 1993 Bugatti EB110 1996 General Motors EV1 1998 Cadillac Papal Parade Phaeton 1998 Gurney Eagle 1998 Lotus Elise - Lane motor Museum Nashvile 1999 Honda EV Plus 2000 Deora 2 Hot Wheels Car 2000 Deora II Hot Wheels Concept Car 2001 M-Pulse Solar Car 2001 Nissan Hypermini 2002 Jaguar XKR from Die Another Day 2005 Mercedes Benz McLaren SLR 2005 Nissan Fuel Cell Vehicle 2006 Bugatti Veyron 16.4 2006 Ford GT 2006 Skeleton Bike 2013 10 American Museum of Natural History Clam 2013 South Florida Fair in West Palm Beach 3 393 feet 4 405 feet 424 feet 42nd Street New York City 487 feet 6 684 feet 806 feet 861 feet 9/11 Guitar Mania Sculpture - Cleveland 9/11 Memorials - New York State Museum 9th St & Rock City - Guitar Mania Cleveland 2004 A Taste of Chicago Food Festival Abraham Lincoln Birthplace - Hodgenville KY 2004 Abraham Lincoln Boyhood Home - Hodgenville KY 2004 Abraham Lincoln. Oak Ridge Cemetery Ace - Gators Galore 2004 Acrobats in Rice Park Adams Gravesite - Quincy MA Adams Historic Site - Quincy MA Adjustment: Resize Adjustment: Rotate Aerial View Grand Canyon Arizona Aerial View of Golden Africow - CowParade Madison 2006 Air and Space Museum New York 2003 Airplane Skis - The Henry Ford - Dearborn MI 2005 Alabama Alabama Highest Point Cheaha Mountain 2 Alabama Justice Ten Commandments monument Alabama Public Safety Weapons Guns Alabama Public Safety Weapons Guns Montgomery Alabama State Capitol - Montgomery 2002 Aladdin costume 1993 Albany Albuquerque Aquarium New Mexico fish tank shark Alice in Wonderland Statue New York 2004 All Gave Some Alligator Joe - Gators Galore 2004 Alpha Beta Gator - Gators Galore 2004 Alpha Moomega - CowParade Boston 2006 Amanda 3/2013 Amanda and Elliot 3/2013 American Idle - CarTunes Detroit 2005 American Turtle Clearwater Aquarium Amish Country Tour - Bird-in-Hand PA 2006 Amish Horse and Buggy rides Bird-in-hand PA Anatony of Bionic Bovine - CowParade Boston 2006 Andrew Johnson. Andrew Johnson National Cemetery Animal Magnetism - CowParade Madison 2006 Antietam Bridge Antietam National Park Visitors Center 2004 Apollo 13 capsule in Universal Studios Hollywood Appomattox Courthouse Virginia Civil War Surrender Aquarium Crab - Crabtown Baltimore 2005 Arizona Arkansas Arkansas State Capitol - Little Rock 2002 Armstrong Museum - Wapakoneta OH 2009 Art deco chair in South Beach Miami Art Institute Los Angeles Art-Fil - Guitar Mania Cleveland 2004 Artistic mezuzahs - St Mary Basilica Artrageous - CarTunes Detroit 2005 Ate Her Gator - Gators Galore 2004 Audubon Aquarium - New Orleans 2002 Audubon Zoo - New Orleans 2002 August 2009 New Cars at Home Santa Fe Austin Texas Capitol Building Door Hinge Austin Texas History Museum Giant Star Autobot - CarTunes Detroit 2005 Aventura Mall Christmas Tree Avrocar - USAF Musuem Dayton OH 2009 Azalican - Pelicans in Paradise Pensacola 2005 B & O Railroad Museum Baltimore Maryland B&O RR Museum Baby Capybaras at Brevard Zoo Baby Don - Mastodons on Parade - Fort Wayne 2005 Baby Tamarin at Como Park Zoo Back to the Future DeLorean Backbone of America - CowParade Madison 2006 Backdraft in Universal Studios Hollywood Backlot tour in Universal Studios Hollywood Balancing Act - Gators Galore 2004 Ballerina Munchkin - CowParade Madison 2006 Ballet Cow - CowParade Boston 2006 Baltimore 2005 Baltimore Has it All - Crabtown Baltimore 2005 Band Wagon - CarTunes Detroit 2005 Bank of America Building Los Angeles Barefoot Newsboy - Gators Galore 2004 Barnacles - CowParade Madison 2006 Barney Miller Badge in the Smithsonian Bartending Certificate basenji Lhasa Apso Bat bridge in Austin Texas 2005 Bat Jetboat from Batman Returns Batman Batmobile - Star Cars Museum Gatlinburg TN Batmobiles at Tallahassee Antique Car Museum Battleship Texas - San Jacinto 2005 Battleship Texas State Historic Site LaPorte Beer Can House Houston Texas Believe in our Echools - Crabtown Baltimore 2005 Ben and Jerry's Ice Cream - Waterbury VT 2006 Ben and Jerry's Ice Cream factory Waterbury VT benji 1996 benji home pictures Benji in Trenton Benji Landmark pictures Benji President pictures Benji sleeping Lhasa Apso Doggie Backpack Benji Smoking Bennington Pride - Moosefest Bennington VT 2005 Berringer Meteor Crater Flagstaff Arizona Bessie the Wisconsin Star - CowParade Madison 2006 Beverly Hills California Beverly Soda World Of Coca-Cola Atlanta Georgia Bicentennial Park - Nashville TN 2006 Bicentennial Park Nashville 2004 Bicentennial Park Nashville 2009 Big Balls in Houston Big Bear in the CN Tower 2005 Big Bike in Toronto 2005 Big Gun Sculpture at Boston Harbor 2005 Bike Race in Washington DC 2006 Bird-in-Hand PA 2006 Bismarck 2003 Bistro Don - Mastodons on Parade - Fort Wayne 2005 bizzare nail sculpture Chicago Blackwater Falls West Virginia Waterfall Blackwater Falls WV 2004 Blade Costume 1998 Blaine's Mardi Gras World New Orleans Louisiana Blank Tombstoen - Hollywood Forever Cemetery Blenko Glass Milton West Virginia Blue Angels - Pelicans in Paradise Pensacola 2005 Blue Angels Pensacola Rest Stop Blue Crab - Crabtown Baltimore 2005 Blue Martini Plano Texas Blue Pastures - CowParade Madison 2006 BMW Z3 from Goldeneye Board of Education - Raleigh NC 2002 Boardwalk on the Beach Boat in Dry Dock - Boston 2005 Bob's Big Boy in Cherokee NC 2009 Bogey - Gators Galore 2004 Boise - 2003 Boise 2003 Boise Idaho penitentiary museum Bonnie Cow - CowParade Boston 2006 Boston 2006 Boston Bossie Lighthouse - CowParade Boston 2006 Boston City Hall 2005 Boston City Hall Sculpture 2005 Boston Common fountain 2006 Boston Commons 2005 Boston Commons 2006 Boston Commons Sculpture 2005 Boston Harbor 2005 Boston Plaza 2005 Boston Subway 2005 Boston Swan Boats 2006 Boston Women's Memorial 2006 Boston's Historic North End 2006 Botanical Gardens Albuquerque New Mexico Bountiful Bovine - CowParade Madison 2006 Bounty of Dane County - CowParade Madison 2006 Bourbon Street New Orleans Louisiana Bourne Vehicles in Universal Studios Hollywood Bovine Blanket - CowParade Madison 2006 Bovine Moosic - CowParade Boston 2006 Bradbury Building Bradbury Building Los Angeles Bradford Building Los Angeles Blade Runner Brenke Fish Ladder - Lansing MI 2009 Brenke fish ladder Lansing Michigan Brew Kettles Budweiser Brewery St. Louis MO Brew Kettles Miller Brewery Milwaukee Wisconsin BricktoDon - Mastodons on Parade - Fort Wayne 2005 Bridal Veil Niagara Falls New York Britton Hill Lakewood Park Florida High Point Broadway at the Beach - Myrtle Beach SC 2009 Broadway on the Beach Kiss Brown Swiss - CowParade Madison 2006 Bruins Cow - CowParade Boston 2006 Bubblicious Bovine - CowParade Madison 2006 Buck - Pelicans in Paradise Pensacola 2005 Buckingham Fountain Chicago IL Buckingham Fountain in Grant Park - Chicago 2006 Budweiser Brewery Budweiser Brewery - Fort Collins Colorado 2003 Budweiser Brewery - Jacksonville Florida 2004 Budweiser brewery Fairfield California Clydesdale Budweiser Brewery Fort Collins Colorado Brew Tanks Budweiser Brewery Jacksonville FL 2009 Budweiser Brewery Jacksonville Florida Budweiser Brewery Jacksonville Florida brew tanks Budweiser Brewery Tour Jacksonville Florida Budweiser Brewery Tour Merrimack NH Buffalo head nickel City Hall New York Buffalo Trace Distillery - Frankfort KY 2006 Built on Rock - Guitar Mania Cleveland 2004 Bull and Finch Pub - Cheers - Boston 2005 Bull and Finch Pub - Cheers - Boston 2006 Bull Frog - LEAP Frog Erie PA 2004 Bumblebee Camaro - Star Cars Museum Gatlinburg TN Bunker Hill Monument Boston 2005 Bunker Hill Monument Charlestown MA Bunks USS Alabama Battleship Mobile Alabama Busch Gardens Williamsburg VA 2009 Butter sculpture in St. Paul 2011 Cabela's Sporting Goods - Dundee MI 2009 Caboose - The Henry Ford - Dearborn MI 2005 Cabot Cheese Factory Tour Cabot cheese visitor center VT Cady Cheese and Mall of America Caesars Palace - Las Vegas 2005 Caesars Palace Las Vegas Nevada Breast Statue Caiman Con Leche - Gators Galore 2004 Calcugator - Gators Galore 2004 Cali-Cow - CowParade Boston 2006 California California Railroad Museum California Railroad Museum Sacramento Train California Science Center Los Angeles Calvert Family Crab - Crabtown Baltimore 2005 Camels in Minnesota zoo Canada Canada Pavilion at Epcot Center Canaveral Miracle Cruise Ship Cannons Antietam National Battlefield Sharpsburg Cannons at Gettysburg National Military Park 2004 Cannons Ft Mchenry National Monument Baltimore MD Cannons Manassas National Battlefield Virginia Cape Canaveral Launch Sites Cape Cowdder - CowParade Boston 2006 Capitol Building lookout Baton Rouge Capybara in the Brevard Zoo in Melbourne Florida Car stunt show in Universal Studios Hollywood CareFirst Blue Crab - Crabtown Baltimore 2005 Carillon Bells Centennial Park Nashville TN Carinet - CarTunes Detroit 2005 Carnegie Science Center - Pittsburgh PA 2009 Carousel Race - Go Fish Erie PA 2004 CarTunes Detroit 2005 Cast Of Celevland - Guitar Mania Cleveland 2004 Castillo de San Marcos - St. Augustine FL 2004 Castillo de San Marcos St. Augustine Florida Cathedral Basilica - Covington KY 2009 Cathedral of St. Paul Cattle Raiser's Museum Fort Worth Texas Cedar Point - Sandusky OH 2009 Celebrating 25 Years - Crabtown Baltimore 2005 Celestial Cow - CowParade Boston 2006 Celestite Memphis Pink Palace Museum Cell Phone Statue New York City Celtics Cow - CowParade Boston 2006 Centennial Park Atlanta Georgia Central Park Sculptures New York City 2004 Central Perk Set in Warner Bros Studios Hollywood Charleston Chattanooga Check it Out - CarTunes Detroit 2005 Checkers Taxi Crab - Crabtown Baltimore 2005 Cheers - Boston Cheers Bull and Finch Pub Boston Massachusetts chesty Ship's Masthead Casino Las Vegas Nevada Chicago 2006 Chicago Broadway Musical Chicago Broadway Musical New York 2003 Chicago Picasso Sculpture in Daley Plaza 2006 Children of St. Jude - Guitar Mania Cleveland 2004 Chimney Rock NC Chippewa Square Savannah Chloe - CowParade Madison 2006 ChocoCowlate Milk - CowParade Madison 2006 Chubby Checker - CarTunes Detroit 2005 Cincinnatti Museum Center Ohio 2004 Circular Escalator Caesars Palace Las Vegas Nevada Cirque De La Mer - Crabtown Baltimore 2005 City Gator - Gators Galore 2004 Civil Rights Memorial Montgomery Alabama Clark Kent Superman Movie Metropolis IL Clearwater Aquarium 2012 Clearwater Pirate Tour Boat 2012 Clingman's Dome - Great Smoky Mountains CN Tower Toronto 2005 CNN headquarters Atlanta CO 2006 Cobalt Blue - Crabtown Baltimore 2005 Cocktail waitress - Las Vegas 2005 Cocoa Beach docks Cognitive Dreaming - Heads Up Kentucky 2005 Coke products - World of Coca Cola Atlanta Cold Hollow Apple Cider Mill - Stowe VT 2006 Colorado Colorado State Capitol - Denver 2006 Colored Pencil art at A Delray Affair - April 2012 Coming to America Planet Hollywood Las Vegas Communigator - Gators Galore 2004 Concord Connectivity Rewired - CowParade Boston 2006 Conservation Prius - Great Smoky Mountains Conventioneer Gator - Gators Galore 2004 Cool Under Pressure - Heads Up Kentucky 2005 Coors Brewery - Boulder Colorado 2003 Coors Brewery - Golden Coors Brewery Golden Colorado Giant Beer Can Coors Brewery Tour Golden CO Cop Car in Alabama Public Safety Building 2002 CopacaDONa - Mastodons on Parade - Fort Wayne 2005 Copley Square Copp's Hill Burying Ground - Boston 2006 Copper Brew Kettles Coors Brewery Tour Golden CO Copps Hill Burial Ground Boston North End MA Coral - CowParade Boston 2006 Coral sculpture in Beverly Hills Coraline set in Universal Studios Hollywood Coretta Scott King Gravesite NHS Atlanta GA COSI Science Museum - Columbus Ohio 2004 COSI Science Museum Columbus COSI Science Museum Columbus Ohio COSI Science Museum Columbus Ohio 1960's street COSI Science Museum Columbus Ohio skittles COSI Science Museum Columbus Ohio VW Beatle 1960's Country Music Hall of Fame - Nashville 2009 Country Music Hall of Fame Nashville Country Music Hall of Fame Nashville 2005 Covered Bridge - Moosefest Bennington VT 2005 Covered bridge in Stone Mountain 2009 Covered Bridge in Valley Forge PA 2004 Cow Lloyd Wright - CowParade Madison 2006 Cow of Many Colors - CowParade Boston 2006 Cow Paths - CowParade Boston 2006 Cow sculpture Swiss Village New Glarus WI Cow! - CowParade Boston 2006 Cowflies - CowParade Madison 2006 Cowlorful Zebra - CowParade Madison 2006 Cowmenclature - CowParade Boston 2006 CowParade Boston 2006 Cowparade NC CowParade NC - Gratitude CowParade NC - Moo Sai Warrior CowParade NC - Moovie Buff CowParade NC - Penny CowParade NC - The Dreamer CowParade NC - WiFi Cowspot CowParade NC - Wild for Bees CowParade sculptures Boston Cowpiary - CowParade Madison 2006 Cows that Dream - CowParade Madison 2006 Cowstitution - CowParade Boston 2006 Cowtography - CowParade Madison 2006 Cowtucket - CowParade Boston 2006 Crab Apple - Crabtown Baltimore 2005 Crab Boat - Crabtown Baltimore 2005 Crab Cakes - Crabtown Baltimore 2005 Crabtown Baltimore 2005 Crabtown Public Art Project Baltimore Maryland Crayola Factory - Easton Pennsylvania Crayon man Crayola factory Easton PA Crossroads - Mastodons on Parade - Fort Wayne 2005 Crown Fountain in Chicago's Millennium Park 2006 crystal entity window display CT 2006 Curse Reversed - CowParade Boston 2006 Custom Gator - Gators Galore 2004 D'Vine Celebration - Guitar Mania Cleveland 2004 Daisy Don - Mastodons on Parade - Fort Wayne 2005 Dallas Cowboy Cheerleaders Dallas Texas Fair Park Dinosaur Sculpture Chrome Dancing Cowgirls - CowParade Madison 2006 Daniel Boone Gravesite Frankfort Cemetery Kentucky Davis Dam Arizona Davis Park Oklahoma Tallest Waterfall DC Dealey Plaza Deco Don - Mastodons on Parade - Fort Wayne 2005 Delaware State High Point - Ebright Azimuth Delorean - Star Cars Museum Gatlinburg TN Delray affair in Delray Beach Florida Delray Beach Christmas Tree Delray Beach Valentines display Denver Chess Statues 2006 Denver Museum of Natural History 2006 Des Moines Cubs Baseball Principal Park Iowa designed by Frank Gehry Detroit Convention Center 2005 Detroit Michigan Detroit Statue 2005 Detroit Subway Station 2005 Detroits Ribbons - CarTunes Detroit 2005 Devotion to Duty - Whale Trail New England 2005 Dexter Avenue King Memorial Baptist Church AL 2002 Dicks Auto Museum San Marcos Texas Digestagator - Gators Galore 2004 Disney Art of Animation Resort Disney Concert Hall Los Angeles Disney World 1987 Disney World Fireworks in Magic Kingdom Disneyland Anaheim California Snow White's Castle Diveagator - Gators Galore 2004 Dollar Don - Mastodons on Parade - Fort Wayne 2005 Dolphin Tale Set - Clearwater Aquarium 2012 Dolphin Tale Set Clearwater FL Donkey Statue in Boston 2005 Dorothy Chandler Pavilion Los Angeles Dr. Gator - Gators Galore 2004 Dr. Pepper Museum in Waco Texas Drawbridge at A Delray Affair - April 2012 Dream Beam - Guitar Mania Cleveland 2004 Driftwood on Oregon Beach 2003 Driving Moose Daisy - Moosefest Bennington VT 2005 Ducks in Newport KY 2009 Dymaxion House - The Henry Ford - Dearborn MI 2005 Earthquake in Universal Studios Hollywood East Side Crab - Crabtown Baltimore 2005 Eastwick Set in Warner Bros Studios Hollywood Easy Bell - CowParade Boston 2006 Eating at the Mall of America Electric Turbines Hoover Dam Nevada Elemental Tunes - CarTunes Detroit 2005 Elevated Train in Chicago 2006 Elliot - Hello; this is Dog Elliot and Bender at home 2012 Elliot Building Forida Capitol Tallahassee Elliot Xmas Dog Pajamas Elliott Museum Car Show Witham Field Stuart Ellison S Onizuka Memorial Ellison S Onizuka Street Elvis - Pelicans in Paradise Pensacola 2005 Elvis impersonator Faneuil Hall Boston MA Elvis Presley Auto Museum Graceland Memphis Elvis Presley private jet Graceland Memphis Elvis statue in Nashville 2009 Elvis' 1976 Lincoln Continental Mark IV Empire State Building New York 2003 Empire State Building New York City Encrustacean - Crabtown Baltimore 2005 Engine Church Street Railroad Orlando Florida Enterprise Space Shuttle ER Set in Warner Bros Studios Hollywood Escalator in Universal Studios Hollywood Ethel M Chocolates Las Vegas Nevada Evita Peron's 1939 Packard Super Eight Phaeton Expo 67 Montreal Expo 67 Montreal Biosphere Expressions Beyone Borders - CowParade Boston 2006 Eyes of Money - CowParade Boston 2006 Fair Park - Dallas Texas 2002 Fair Park Historical Society - Dallas Texas 2002 Fairfield CA 2003 Falls in Pigeon Forge TN 2009 Family Christmas Photo 2010 Family Christmas picture Famous Baltimoreans - Crabtown Baltimore 2005 Famous Bostonians - CowParade Boston 2006 Famous Feet - CowParade Madison 2006 Faneuil Hall Marketplace Boston 2005 Faneuil Hall Marketplace Boston 2006 Fantasy Fest 2010 Key West Fantasy Fest 2011 Key West Fantasy Fest 2011 Key West Parade Fantasy Fest Key West 2004 Fantasy Fest Key West 2005 Fantasy Fest Key West 2006 Fantasy Fest Key West 2008 Fantasy Fest Key West 2009 Fantasy Fest Key West 2010 Fantasy Fest Key West 2011 Fantasy Fest Key West 2011 Giraffe Fantasy Fest Key West 2012 Fantasy Fest Key West Florida 2009 FAO Schwarz New York 2003 FAO Schwarz New York 2003 - Batman Costume FAO Schwarz New York 2003 - Lego R2D2 Farmers Market - CowParade Madison 2006 Fashion District New York 2003 Fashion Runway - CarTunes Detroit 2005 Fast and Furious car in Universal Studios Fat man A-bomb - USAF Musuem Dayton OH 2009 Fauna Folly - CowParade Madison 2006 Fender Funder - Guitar Mania Cleveland 2004 Fiery Gator - Gator Glam Sunrise FL Finger Lakes New York 2004 fire pump - New York State Museum Albany 2006 Fish Ladder in Grand Rapids MI 2009 Flavor of the Day - CowParade Madison 2006 Fleur De Leader - Gallopalooza 2004 Fleur De Whale - Whale Trail New England 2005 Flex Riser - Heads Up Kentucky 2005 Floral Clock at Kentucky Capitol Frankfort 2004 Florida Florida Aquarium Tampa Bay 2012 Florida Capitol Building - Tallahassee 2002 Florida State High Poing Britton Hill 2004 Florigator - Gators Galore 2004 Flossie - Pelicans in Paradise Pensacola 2005 Flower Cow - CowParade Boston 2006 Flushing Meadows Park New York City 2004 Forest - Gators Galore 2004 Forest for Trees - Heads Up Kentucky 2005 Forest Lawn Cemetery Hollywood Forida Capitol Tallahassee Fort De Soto Park FL 2012 Fort McHenry - Baltimore MD 2005 Fort Stanwix New York 2004 Fort Stockton Fort Worth Science Museum 2002 Fort Worth Texas Stockyards Cattle Horns Fort Worth Texas Stockyards Cowboy Hat Fort Worth Texas Stockyards Station Cattle Drive Fort Worth Texas Water Gardens Logans Run Fort Worth Water Gardens Fort Worth Water Gardens 2002 Foss General Store - Golden Fountains Bellagio Hotel Las Vegas Nevada Fountains Bellagio Paris Hotel Las Vegas Nevada Fountains in Lexington KY 2009 Fountains in Louisville Kentucky 2005 Four Rioses Distillery - Lawrenceburg KY 2009 Four Roses Distillery - Lawrenceburg KY Fourth of July Fireworks Delray Beach Foxwoods Foxwoods Casino in Ledyard Francis Scott Key Gravesite Franconia Notch State Park Frank Loin Wright - CowParade Madison 2006 Free as a Bird - Guitar Mania Cleveland 2004 Freedom Trail - CowParade Boston 2006 Freemont Street Experience Las Vegas Nevada Fremont French Freedom Train Fresh Fish Today - Crabtown Baltimore 2005 Froganart - LEAP Frog Erie PA 2004 From the Ground Up - Guitar Mania Cleveland 2004 Frontier Village - Jamestown ND 2003 Galaxy Gator - Gators Galore 2004 Gallina Illinois 2006 Gallopalooza 2004 Garden Majestic - Horse Affair Manchester VT 2005 Gator B Jewled - Gators Galore 2004 Gators Galore 2004 Gaudi Gator - Gator Glam Sunrise FL Gemini VIII- Armstrong Museum - Wapakoneta OH 2009 George Dickel Distillery Tour - Casacde Hollow George Washington's Mount Vernon VA 2009 Georgia Georgia Aquarium Atlanta Georgia O'Cowffe - CowParade Madison 2006 Georgia State Capitol - Atlanta 2006 Georgia State High Point Brasstown Bald Georgia Visitor Center 2003 Gerald Ford Library - Grand Rapids MI 2009 Get Out and MOOve - CowParade Madison 2006 Get Whale Soon - Whale Trail New England 2005 Get Your Feet Wet - Heads Up Kentucky 2005 Ghandi Oscar - World of Coca Cola Atlanta Giant crab The Tennessee Aquarium Chattanooga Giant free stamp sculpture Cleveland Ohio Giant Globe puzzle in Santa Monica Giant Liberty Bell Bellagio Hotel Las Vegas Nevada Giant pineapple Delray Beach Courthouse Giant Polar Bear Coca-Cola Store Las Vegas Nevada Giant Roadrunner Fort Stockton Texas Gift Horse - Horse Affair Manchester VT 2005 Gilmore Car Museum - Hickory Corners MI 2009 Giraffe feeding at Lion Country Safari Glass blowers at Stone Mountain 2009 Glass Floor The CN Tower Toronto Canada Gleeful Gator - Gators Galore 2004 Glinda Good Witch Cow - CowParade Madison 2006 Global Traveler - CowParade Madison 2006 GM Building - Detroit 2005 GM Building Detroit 2005 GM World in Detroit Convention Center 2005 Go Fish Erie PA Go With the Flow - Guitar Mania Cleveland 2004 Godzilla Star Walk of Fame Goin off Gator - Gators Galore 2004 Goldeneye BMW- Star Cars Museum Gatlinburg TN Golfing Jerry - Gators Galore 2004 Golie Gator - Gators Galore 2004 Gone Fishin - LEAP Frog Erie PA 2004 Gone Fishin' - Whale Trail New England 2005 Goodnight Moo - CowParade Boston 2006 Governor's Square Mall Forida Capitol Tallahassee Graceland - Memphis TN 2006 Graceland tour Elvis Presley Mansion Memphis Graceland tour Elvis Presley Mansion Memphis Guns Graceland tour Elvis Presley Mansion Memphis TCB Grammy Award Walk of Fame Los Angeles Grand Canyon Airlines Arizona Grand Canyon Arizona Grand Canyon Desert View Watchtower Arizona Grand Central Market Grand Central Station New York 2003 Grand Central Station New York City Rush Hour Great Places - Guitar Mania Cleveland 2004 Great Smoky Mountains Great Smoky Mountains TN 2009 Greenback Gator - Gators Galore 2004 Greeneville Greer Garson Gravesite Griffith Observatory in Los Angeles Griffith Observatory Subway Station in Los Angeles Ground Zero New York City Ground Zero New York City 2004 Grover Cleveland. Princeton Cemetery Guggenheim Museum New York City Guggenheim Museum New York City 2004 Guido Speedtrap Gator - Gators Galore 2004 Guitar Mania Cleveland 2004 Guitar Mania Sculpture - Cleveland Guitar sculpture Nashville TN Guitar Town Nashville 2005 Guns at Gettysburg National Military Park 2004 Half and Half - CowParade Madison 2006 Half and Half Cow Parade sculpture Madison WI Hallmark Grammy Award - Kansas City 2006 Hancock County Hand Grenade Man New Orleans Louisiana Hand-Painted Champagne glasses in New York City Hans Christian Andersen Statue Central Park NYC Happy bear chair in South Beach Happy Cow - CowParade Boston 2006 Happy Hour - Guitar Mania Cleveland 2004 Harbor Lights - Crabtown Baltimore 2005 Hard Rock Cafe in Universal Studios Hollywood Hard Rock Cafe Nashville 2005 Harley-Davidson Factory Tour - York Harley-Davidson Factory Tour York Pennsylvania Harmony in Motion - Guitar Mania Cleveland 2004 Harry S. Truman Independence Hasbro Toys in Universal Studios Hatsumi Fair at the Morikami Museum Hay Bales Country Restaurant Bird-in-hand PA Hay Market - CowParade Boston 2006 he Henry Ford - Dearborn MI 2005 Head Light - Heads Up Kentucky 2005 Hearse Museum of Funeral History Houston Texas Heaven Hill Distillery - Bardstown Heaven Hill Distillery - Bardstown KY Heaven Hill Distillery - Bardstown KY 2009 Heinz Field - Pittsburgh PA 2009 Helena 2003 Helicopter ride in Fort Wayne 2005 Hersheys Kiss Mobile New York City Hey Diddle Diddle - CowParade Boston 2006 High Cowrumble Bee - CowParade Boston 2006 High Falls - Rochester NY 2004 High Falls Rochester New York Waterfall High Falls Visitor Center - Rochester NY 2004 Hillcrest Memorial Cemetery Dallas Hinchley's Dairy Farm Tours in Deerfield WI 2006 History of Underwear exhibit in St. Paul Hollywood and Vine Subway Station Hollywood Forever Cemetery Hollywood Highland Shopping Area Los Angeles Hollywood Walk of Fame - Los Angeles Holocaust Museum Houston 2005 Holocaust Museum Houston Texas Holstein Parade - CowParade Madison 2006 Holy Cow - CowParade Madison 2006 Honeybee Cowmb - CowParade Madison 2006 Hop-a-Long Cast-to Knee - LEAP Frog Erie PA 2004 Horse Affair Manchester VT 2005 Horse and buggy in Boston 2005 Horse Chair sculpture Denver Public Library CO Hot Wheels car display Houston Aquarium and street art Houston Downtown Aquarium Houston Museum of Health and Medical Science 2005 Houston Museum of Natural Science 2002 Huber Brewery Monroe WI beer Huber Brewery Monroe WI beer brew kettle Huber Brewery Tour - Monroe WI 2006 Huge Mirror Memphis Pink Palace Museum Hyundai Santa Fe parking lot Icarus Statue - US Air Force Museum Dayton OH 2006 Icarus Statue - USAF Musuem Dayton OH 2009 Iconic Welcome to Las Vegas Sign Strip Nevada Idaho Idaho Historical Museum Idaho Penitentiary Museum IL 2006 Ill. Illinois Imagine - CarTunes Detroit 2005 Improvised Drumming - CarTunes Detroit 2005 Indiana Indiana - Indianapolis - State Capitol Building Indiana Jones temple of doom snake Indiana State Capitol - Indianapolis 2005 Indiana State Firefighters Memorial 2005 Indiana State High Point - Hoosier Hill Indiana Welcome Sign 2005 Indianapolis Indianapolis capitol complex 2005 Inside Cheers The Bull and Finch Pub Boston MA Intercourse Pennsylvania Intercourse Pretzel Company Pennsylvania Intrepid Sea Investorgator - Gators Galore 2004 Iowa Iowa - Des Moines - State Capitol Building Iowa State Capitol - Des Moines 2006 Irish Immigrant Statue - Boston 2006 Italian Job Mini - Star Cars Museum Gatlinburg TN Itch & Scratchy - Heads Up Kentucky 2005 Jack Daniels Distillery tour - Lynchburg TN 2005 Jack Daniels Distillery Tour Lynchburg Tennessee Jack Daniels Race Car in Detroit 2005 Jack Daniels The Barrel Shop Lynchburg TN whiskey James Island Dog Park Jawa @ Disney's Hollywood Studios Jaws Ride in Universal Studios Hollywood Jay Pritzker Pavilion Jazzy Cow - CowParade Boston 2006 Jelly Belly Factory Jelly Belly Factory Tour Fairfield California Jeopardy - Art Flemming Jeremy is born Jim Beam Distillery - Clermont Jim Beam distillery - Clermont KY Jim Beam Distillery - Clermont KY 2009 Jim Beam Distillery American Outpost Clermont KY Joannie - CowParade Boston 2006 John C. Stennis Space Center (SSC) John Clark Statue John F Kennedy Library Boston 2005 Johnny Ramone grave - Hollywood Forever Cemetery Johnson Space Center - Houston Johnson Space Center Houston Texas JFK Podium Johnson Victrola Museum Dover Delaware Juarez Mexico El Paso Crossing Jukebox - CarTunes Detroit 2005 Jukebox Jalopy - CarTunes Detroit 2005 Jungle Crab - Crabtown Baltimore 2005 Jungle Island Tiger Cub 2010 Jungle Jam - Guitar Mania Cleveland 2004 Jurassic Park Ride in Universal Studios Hollywood Justice Bell Valley Forge Pennsylvania chapel Justice Gator - Gators Galore 2004 Kansas - Topeka - State Capitol Building Kansas Historical Museum Kansas State Capitol - Topeka 2006 Kansas State High Point - Mt. Sunflower Katherine Hepburn Garden New York 2003 Katz Deli New York 2004 Katz' Deli Kentucky Kentucky - Frankfort - State Capitol Building Kentucky 2006 Kentucky Aquarium in Newport 2009 Kentucky History Center Frankfort Kentucky State Capitol - Frankfort 2006 Kentucky State High Point - Black Mountain Kentucky.2006 Kids Map of Boston - CowParade Boston 2006 Kimoono Maiden - CowParade Boston 2006 King Kong set in Universal Studios Hollywood King Tut Field Museum Chicago IL KITT from Knight Rider Knot Sculpture Kodak Theater Hollywood Korean War Memorial Washington DC LA Live - Los Angeles Labor Statue in Omaha NB 2006 Labor Statue Omaha Nebraska Lady Delray Cruise Ships Lady Liberty - Guitar Mania Cleveland 2004 Lake Moonona & Mandota - CowParade Madison 2006 Lake Shasta California - 2003 Lane motor Museum Nashvile Lane Motor Museum TN Lansing 2003 Lansing 2003 - 1960's street Lansing 2003 - copper slab Lansing 2003 1960's room Lansing 2003 Dashboards Largest amphibious vehicle - Lane Motor Museum TN Largest Dinosaur Model - Raleigh NC 2002 Las Vegas Strip Nevada Stratosphere Tower Hilton Las Vegas Strip Paris Casino Hotel LAX sign LEAP Frog Erie PA 2004 LEAP Frog Public Art Project Erie Pennsylvania Leaping to Greatness - LEAP Frog Erie PA 2004 Leav'n Town - CowParade Boston 2006 Lego Pirates of the Carribean Lego Snow White Downtown Disney Lego St Paul Cathedral Lego St. Paul Capitol and Cathedral Lego store in the Mall of America Lego The Mall of America Bloomington Minnesota Legoland Florida Legoland Winter Haven Florida Leinenkugel Leine Lodge - Brewery tour Let er Rip - Guitar Mania Cleveland 2004 Let the Good Times Roll - CarTunes Detroit 2005 Lewis A. Swyer Sit-by-me Statue Lewis and Clark Caverns State Park - Whitehall Lewis and Clark Caverns State Park Montana lhasa apso chew stick Lhasa Apso doggie back pack Liberty Bell - Atlanta Liberty Bell Forida Capitol Tallahassee Liberty Bell Memorial Museum - Melborne Liberty Bell Replica - Independence Liberty Bell Replica - Melborne Life Bovine - CowParade Boston 2006 Life is But a Dream - CowParade Boston 2006 Liger - half lion half tiger world's largest cat Light Within - CowParade Boston 2006 Lincoln Boyhood Log Cabin Knob Creek Hodgenville Lincoln Memorial - Washington DC 2002 Lincoln Memorial - Washington DC 2004 Lincoln Memorial Washington DC Lion Country Safari Lion sculpture in Chicago 2006 Little Pony in Intercourse PA 2006 Little Pony Intercourse Pennsylvania Little Rock Arkansas Capitol Bird Statue Lock and Dam #1 St. Paul Lollipop Munchkin Cow - CowParade Madison 2006 London Bell St. Paul's Chapel New York City 9/11 Long Island Ferry Bridgeport Port Jefferson Long Island/New London Ferry 2006 Longhorned Bull Frog - LEAP Frog Erie PA 2004 Looking for Gooseberry Jam in Gatlinburg TN 2009 Lookout platforn Space Needle Seattle Washington Lord Jesus Christ Ministries - Groom Texas 2005 Los Angeles Los Angeles Cathedral Los Angeles Central Library Los Angeles City Hall Los Angeles Museum of Art Los Angeles Public Library Los Angeles Subway Station Louisiana Louisiana - Baton Rouge - State Capitol Building Louisiana State Capitol - Baton Rouge 2002 Louisiana State Capitol Building Baton Rouge Louisiana State High Point - Driskill Mountain Louisiana State Liberty Bell Baton Rouge Louisville convention center 2005 Louisville KY 2005 Louisville Science Museum mirror 2005 Louisville Slugger Factory tour 2005 Luner Lander Test Module in Mississippi Luxor Hotel - Las Vegas 2005 Lynchburg TN 2005 Lynchburg TN 2006 M&M World - Green Princess Leia - Las Vegas 2005 Macy's Wood Escalator New York City Mad Hatter - Crabtown Baltimore 2005 Madame Tussauds Wax Museum New York 2003 Madison Convention Center 2006 Madison Cow-llage - CowParade Madison 2006 Madison Square Garden New York City 2004 Magic Kingdom Parade Magical Moon - CowParade Boston 2006 Magical Musical Tour - CarTunes Detroit 2005 Main Streets & Back Roads - CowParade Boston 2006 Maine Maine - Augusta - State Capitol Building Make Way for Calflings - CowParade Boston 2006 Makers Mark Distillery - Loretto Making an Imprint - Guitar Mania Cleveland 2004 Mall at Millenium Orlando Mall of America - Bloomington MN 2003 Mammouth Caves Kennel - Bowling Green KY 2004 Manhattan Mall New York 2003 Mann's Chinese Theater Los Angeles Maple Grove Farms - St Johnsbury Vermont Maple Grove Farms St Johnsbury Vermont Syrup Marble waterfall Trump Tower New York City Mardi Gras at Universal Studios Florida 2004 Mardi Gras Store New Orleans Louisiana Mardi Gras Universal Studios Orlando Florida Marimekko - CowParade Boston 2006 Marlin Statue - Newport KY 2009 Marsh Whale - Whale Trail New England 2005 Martin Luther King Jr Gravesite NHS Atlanta GA Martin Luthur King Memorial - Atlanta GA 2006 Mary Dyer statue - Boston 2006 Maryland Maryland - Annapolis - State House Maryland Crab - Crabtown Baltimore 2005 Maryland State Capitol - Annapolis 2002 Mass in Glass - CowParade Boston 2006 Massachusetts - Boston - State House Massachusetts Highest Point Mt. Greylock Massachusetts State Capitol - Boston 2006 Massachusetts State House - Boston 2005 Massachusetts State House Boston 2006 Masto Dawn - Mastodons on Parade - Fort Wayne 2005 Masto-Tom - Mastodons on Parade - Fort Wayne 2005 Mastodons on Parade - Fort Wayne 2005 Matching doll outfits 2011 Matilda - CowParade Boston 2006 Matreshkow - CowParade Boston 2006 Mayflower 2 Plymouth Rock Massachusetts MBTA Cow - CowParade Boston 2006 McDonalds sign - The Henry Ford - Dearborn MI 2005 MD Mel Blanc grave - Hollywood Forever Cemetery Mellow Mushroom Delray Beach Melon Gator - Gator Glam Sunrise FL Mer-Gator - Gators Galore 2004 Mer-Whale - Whale Trail New England 2005 Metamorph-O-Moose - Moosefest Bennington VT 2005 Metamorphosis - Guitar Mania Cleveland 2004 Metropolitan Museum of Art New York City 2004 MGM Grand Hotel and Casino - Las Vegas 2005 Miamisburg Indian burial mound Ohio 2009 MIB ride - Universal Studios Florida 2004 Michael Jackson Bad Jacket Michael Jackson Star Michigan Michigan - Lansing - State Capitol Building Michigan Historical Museum Mickey Mantle Gravesite Midwest Mall Mission Mike Tyson Car - Star Cars Museum Gatlinburg TN Mill City Museum Minneapolis MN 2011 Millard Fillmore Statue - Buffalo NY 2004 Miller Brewery Tour - Milwaukee WI 2006 Milwaukee Art Museum - Wisconsin 2006 Mind Bender Fender - Guitar Mania Cleveland 2004 Mingus Mill - Great Smoky Mountains Mingus Mill in Great Smoky Mountains Mini Don - Mastodons on Parade - Fort Wayne 2005 Minnesota Minnesota - St. Paul - State Capitol Building Minnesota 2003 Minnesota History Center - St. Paul 2003 Minnesota History Center and Purple Rain outfit Minnesota Liberty Bell and Capitol Minnesota Model Railroad Museum St Paul Minnesota State Capitol - St Paul 2011 Miss Turquoise Tille - CowParade Madison 2006 Mission San José (Texas) Mississippi Mississippi - Jackson - State Capitol Building Mississippi 2005 Mississippi Highest Point Woodall Mountain Mississippi State Capitol - Jackson 2002 Missouri Missouri - Jefferson City - State Capitol Building Missouri / Illinois Border 2006 Missouri gravesite Misty - Whale Trail New England 2005 Model Trains - B&O RR Museum Montana Montana - Helena - State Capitol Building Montana 2003 Montana State Museum Montpelier 2006 Monument Avenue - Richmond Virginia 2002 Moo are What Moo Eat - CowParade Boston 2006 Moo Bus - CowParade Boston 2006 Moo Choo - CowParade Madison 2006 Moo England Beauty - CowParade Boston 2006 Moo-Light Sonata - CowParade Boston 2006 Moochas Gracias - CowParade Boston 2006 Moodi Gras - CowParade Boston 2006 Moody Gardens Galveston Texas Glass Pyramid Moon Over Madison - CowParade Madison 2006 Moon Rock- Armstrong Museum - Wapakoneta OH 2009 Mooooonshine - CowParade Madison 2006 Moose About Town - Moosefest Bennington VT 2005 Moosefest Bennington VT 2005 Moovin Veggie Burger - CowParade Boston 2006 Mooving on Up - CowParade Boston 2006 Mormon Tabernacle Choir - Salt Lake City Utah 2003 Mosaic bench on I-10 rest stop Mosaic Cow - CowParade Madison 2006 Mosaic Goose Moose - Moosefest Bennington VT 2005 Mother Moo-se - CowParade Madison 2006 Motorcycle in Guiness Record Museum Los Angeles Motown Gold - CarTunes Detroit 2005 Mount Mitchell NC Mount Olivet Cemetery Frederick Mount Shasta California Mountain Movie Props in Universal Studios Hollywood mowing the lawn MTV The Real World Denver CO Mudder Goose - CowParade Boston 2006 Museum Mining Minerals Phoenix Arizona Museum of the Confederacy - Richmond Music in Park - CarTunes Detroit 2005 Music of the Century - CarTunes Detroit 2005 Music Sentry - Guitar Mania Cleveland 2004 Music Surrounds Us - CarTunes Detroit 2005 Myrtle Beach SC 2009 Mystic Aquarium Connecticut 2005 N.H. N.J Naked woman flower statue St. Paul Minnesota Nashville Visitor's Center 2005 Nashville Zoo 2009 National Archives - Washington DC 2009 National Archives in Washington DC 2006 National Bison Range - Moiese National Bison Range Montana Deer Horns National Corvette Museum Bowling Green KY 2004 National Mall in Washington DC 2006 National Sculpture Garden - Washington DC 2009 National Submarine Memorial - Groton CT 2005 National Underground RR Museum Cincinnatti National Watch and Clock Museum - Columbia PA 2004 National WWII Museum Natural Bridge Caverns - New Braunfels Texas 2002 Natural Bridge Caverns Texas Natural Bridge Virginia Natural History Museum - Raleigh Natural History museum New York City Navy Pier in Chicago 2006 NC 2002 NC Natural History Museum 2009 NE 5 Nebraska - Lincoln - State Capitol Building Nebraska Highest Point Panorama Point Nebraska State Capitol - Lincoln 2006 Neighborhood Mosaic - Crabtown Baltimore 2005 Nelson Riddle TombHollywood Forever Cemetery Neptune Statue on Virginia Beach Nevada Nevada - Carson City Law Enforcement Memorial Nevada - Carson City state capitol building New England Aquarium Boston 2005 New England Aquarium Boston Massachusetts New Hampshire New Hampshire - Concord - State Capitol Building New Hampshire State Capitol - Concord 2006 New Jersey New Jersey - Trenton - State Capitol Building New Jersey State Capitol - Trenton 2004 New Jersey State Capitol - Trenton 2011 New Mexico - Santa Fe - State Capitol Buolding New Orleans LA 2005 New York New York - Albany - Million Dollar Staircase New York - Albany State Capitol Building New York Bartending School Ft Lauderdale New York City New York City Hall 2003 New York Hotel & casino - Las Vegas 2005 New York Hotel Casino Las Vegas Statue of Liberty New York State Capitol - Albany 2004 New York State Capitol - Albany 2006 New York State Museum - Albany 2006 New York State Museum Albany 2006 New York Street in Warner Bros Studios Hollywood NFL Gator - Gators Galore 2004 NH 2006 Niagara Falls 2004 - American Falls Niagara Falls NY 2004 - Canadian Falls Niagara Falls Ontario Canada Doggie Backpack Nikola Telsa Statue Niagara Falls New York No Mountain High Enough - CarTunes Detroit 2005 Norfolk North Carolina North Carolina - Raleigh - State Capitol Building North Carolina Highest Point Mt. Mitchell North Carolina Rocks - Raleigh 2002 North Carolina State Capitol - Raleigh 2002 North Carolina Visitor Center 2003 North Carolina Wood - Raleigh 2002 North Dakota - Bismarck - State Capitol Building North Dakota Heritage Center North Lansing Brenke Fish Ladder 2003 Northpark Center Mall Northwoods Cow - CowParade Madison 2006 Nuclear War Head - Heads Up Kentucky 2005 Nude Sculptures Casino Las Vegas Nevada NY State Capitol Albany 2006 Ocean Star Energy Museum Galveston Texas Oil Rig Oddjob bowler - Star Cars Museum Gatlinburg TN Oddjob Bowler hat from Goldfinger Officer Down Forida Capitol Tallahassee Ohio Ohio State High Point - Campbell Hill Oklahoma Oklahoma City Bombing Memorial Oklahoma City Bombing Memorial 2002 Oklahoma City Bombing Memorial Museum Oklahoma City State Capitol Building 2002 Oklahoma City Stockyards Cattle Auction Oklahoma City Zoo 2002 Oklahoma Firefighters Museum 2002 Oklahoma Science Museum 2002 Old Bay Crab - Crabtown Baltimore 2005 Old Cape Cowd - CowParade Boston 2006 Old Capitol Building Little Rock 2002 Old Hydroelectric plant in Minneapolis MN Old JFK terminal Kennedy Airport New York City Old North Church Boston 2006 Old School - CarTunes Detroit 2005 Olive - CowParade Boston 2006 Olympic torches - World of Coca Cola Atlanta Omni Don - Mastodons on Parade - Fort Wayne 2005 OMSI Science Museum Portland 2003 One Frog Band - LEAP Frog Erie PA 2004 Onizuka Street Los Angeles Opry Mills Mall Nashville 2009 Opryland Resort Nashville 2009 Opti-cowllusion - CowParade Boston 2006 Oregon Oregon Coast Aquarium - Newport - 2003 Oregon Coast Jellyfish Oregon Coastline - 2003 Oregon Coastline flowers Oregon State Capitol Building - Salem 2003 Oregon Zoo Original Outdoor Rock - Guitar Mania Cleveland 2004 Outside the Coors Brewery - Golden CO 2006 Owl at the South Carolina Aquarium P26-A Peashooter - USAF Musuem Dayton OH 2009 PA 2004 Motorcycles Pablo Picowso - CowParade Boston 2006 Pacific Science Center Seattle 2003 Painted Desert Arizona 2005 Palagator - Gators Galore 2004 Papago Park Phoenix Arizona Paramont Pictures Bronson Gate Paramount Studios Tour Hollywood Paris Hotel and Casino - Las Vegas 2005 Parrots Jungle Island Miami Party Don - Mastodons on Parade - Fort Wayne 2005 Pasture Bedtime - CowParade Madison 2006 Pasture Bedtime Cow Parade sculpture Madison WI Patches Community Quilt - CowParade Boston 2006 Patriodon - Mastodons on Parade - Fort Wayne 2005 Patriot - Pelicans in Paradise Pensacola 2005 Patriotic Cow - CowParade Boston 2006 Patriots Cow - CowParade Boston 2006 Patriots Point - Charleston Patriots Point SC 2009 - USS Yorktown Patriots Point Sub Memorial Peanuts sculptures in Rice Park St Paul MN Peanuts Sculptures in St. Paul Peanuts Sculptures in St. Paul Lucy Snoopy Linus Peanuts Sculptures in St. Paul Snoopy Woodstock Pecos County Texas 2005 Pedal to the Vinyl - CarTunes Detroit 2005 Pelicans in Paradise Pensacola 2005 Pengiuns Mystic Aquarium CT Penguin's Duckmobile from Batman Returns Penitentiary Museum Boise Idaho concealed weapons Pennsylvania Pennsylvania State High Point - Mount Davis Perfect Harmony - CarTunes Detroit 2005 Pet show in Sea World San Diego Peter Lorre tomb - Hollywood Forever Cemetery Petrified Forest National Park Arizona Petrified Forest National Park Arizona 2005 Petroglyth National Park Albuquerque New Mexico Phantasmagator - Gators Galore 2004 Phanton Menace @ Disney's Hollywood Studios Phlox Trot - Horse Affair Manchester VT 2005 Phoenix Arizona Phoenix Arizona Purple Heart Medal Memorial Phoenix Science Museum Arizona Segway Phoenix Zoo Arizona Snake exhibit lethal fangs Picasso Gator - Gators Galore 2004 Piggy Bank Cow - CowParade Boston 2006 Pink Palace Museum - Memphis TN 2006 Pinky Bank Cow - CowParade Boston 2006 Pirate Hill Moby - Whale Trail New England 2005 Pirates Treasure Island Casino Las Vegas Nevada Planet Hollywood - Las Vegas 2005 Plaza in Toronto 2005 Plimouth Plantation Massachusetts Plymouth Rock Massachusetts Portico PNC Park - Pittsburgh PA 2009 Police Museum Phoenix Arizona Motorcycle Pond Memories - LEAP Frog Erie PA 2004 Pop Art Cow - CowParade Boston 2006 Pop Pop - Crabtown Baltimore 2005 Popcorn Factory - Gallina Poppy - CowParade Madison 2006 Popular Culture birds Port Jefferson New York 2003 Portland 2003 - Lorikeet Portland 2003 - Mountain Goat Portland 2003 - Polar Bear Portrait of a Cow - CowParade Boston 2006 POW uniform - USAF Musuem Dayton OH 2009 Power Beneath Wings - Gators Galore 2004 Power Plant - The Henry Ford - Dearborn MI 2005 Prairie Fumoo - CowParade Madison 2006 president gravesites Presidential Gravesite Herbert Hoover West Branch Pretty Young Thing - CarTunes Detroit 2005 Princeton Principal Park - Des Moines IA 2006 Purity Dairy in Nashville TN 2009 Purple Craze - Crabtown Baltimore 2005 Queen Mary in Long Beach CA Quilted Wooden - CowParade Boston 2006 R.R. Crabbe - Crabtown Baltimore 2005 R2D2 @ Disney's Hollywood Studios Rabbit sculpture in Washington DC 2006 Rain-Mobile - CarTunes Detroit 2005 Raleigh Hospital Mental Health Raleigh North Carolina Museum of Natural History Raving Fans - Guitar Mania Cleveland 2004 Real World House Austin Texas MTV Rebas Red Hot Guitar - Guitar Mania Cleveland 2004 Red Ball Tree - Heads Up Kentucky 2005 Reflecting Celevland - Guitar Mania Cleveland 2004 Revitalize Cleveland - Guitar Mania Cleveland 2004 Rhinestone Cowboy - CowParade Boston 2006 Rhode Island Richard M Nixon Library and Museum Yorba Linda CA Richard Nixon Museum in Yorba Linda Richfield Gas Station Richmond 2002 Ride the Duck tour - Newport KY 2009 Ripley's Believe it or Not - Myrtle Beach SC 2009 Rise and Shine - CowParade Madison 2006 Risk Exhibit - Fort Worth Science Museum 2002 Rivercenter Mall - San Antonio Rivers Casino - Pittsburgh PA 2009 Riverside Church New York City 2004 Riverwalk - San Antonio Texas 2002 Riverwalk Marketplace - New Orleans 2002 Road Home - CowParade Madison 2006 RobotoDon - Mastodons on Parade - Fort Wayne 2005 Rock City Gardens Chattanooga TN 2009 Rock n Roll - CarTunes Detroit 2005 Rockefeller Center New York 2003 Rockefeller Center New York 2003 - Drone plane Rocket Car Rocky - Guitar Mania Cleveland 2004 Rodeo Drive Beverly Hills Rodeo Drive Shops in Beverly Hills Rodney Dangerfield Funeral Announcement Museum Ron Jeremy Fantasy Fest 2008 Ron John's Surf Shop Cocoa Beach 2012 Ronald Reagan. Ronald Reagan Presidential Library Ronald Regan Museum Simi Valley CA Rosa Parks Bus Henry Ford Museum Dearborn Michigan Rose - Mastodons on Parade - Fort Wayne 2005 Rosenthal Memorial Forida Capitol Tallahassee Rosie - CowParade Madison 2006 Route 66 Ruby Falls Caverns Chattanooga TN 2009 Ruphus - CowParade Boston 2006 Rutherford B. Hayes. Hayes Presidential Center Sacramento 2003 Sacramento CA 2003 Sacred Moonument - CowParade Boston 2006 Sam Houston Statue 2002 Samori Don - Mastodons on Parade - Fort Wayne 2005 Samuel Adams Boston Brewery 2005 Samuel Adams Brewery Boston Massachusetts Samuel Eliot Morison Statue Boston 2006 San Antonio highlights - Alamo San Antonio Texas Hemisfair Park Tower San Antonio Texas Hemisfair Park Water Fountain San Diego Water Tanks Sandia Peak Albuquerque New Mexico Sandia Peak Albuquerque New Mexico blizzard Sanibel Island Beach 2012 Sanibel Island Lighthouse 2012 Sanibel Island Sea Shells 2012 Sanibel Island Welcome Center 2012 Santa Fe New Mexico Town square Santa Fe Parking lot SUV Santa Monica Pier Santa Monica shops Sante Fe New Mexico Greek Restaurant broken dishes Sarah Palin Caribou Barbie Fantasy Fest 2008 Sarasota Beach FL 2012 Say Cheese Wisconsin - CowParade Madison 2006 SC Aquarium Charleston 2009 SC State Capitol Columbia Science Museum - Fair Park - Dallas Texas 2002 Science Museum El Paso Texas giant heart model Science Museum in Omaha NB 2006 Scorpion Russian Submarine in Long Beach CA Sculpture in Atlanta GA 2006 Sculpture in New London CT 2005 Sea Dragon Portland Aquarium Oregon Sea Lion Caves - Florence Oregon 2003 Sea Lion Caves Oregon Sea Lion Caves Oregon Coast Sea World San Diego Sealing Wax Makers Mark Distillery Loretto KY Sears Tower in Chicago 2006 Seattle Center 2003 Seattle Monorail 2003 Second Largest Fire Hydrant Beaumont Texas Serenity Mule in Universal Studios Hollywood Seuss Landing - Universal Studios Florida 2004 Shades of Summer - Crabtown Baltimore 2005 Shadow Dancer - Horse Affair Manchester VT 2005 Shakespeare in Boston Commons 2005 Sharpsburg MD Shasta Mountain California 2003 Shelbie - Gators Galore 2004 Shell Factory - Fort Myers FL 2012 Shelvis King Crab - Crabtown Baltimore 2005 Ship's Masthead Treasure Island Casino Las Vegas Shops in Omaha Nebraska 2006 Shrek Donkey in Universal Studios Hollywood Shrek in Universal Studios Hollywood Sigfried and Roy Statue Mirage Hotel - Las Vegas Simi Valley Simpsons Ride in Universal Studios Hollywood Sinbad show - Universal Studios Florida 2004 Sir Loin - CowParade Madison 2006 Sir Walter Raleigh Statue - Raleigh NC 2002 Sir Walter Raleigh Statue North Carolina Sirens of Treasure Island - Las Vegas 2005 Sixth Floor Museum Sixth Floor Museum - Dallas Texas 2002 Sixth Floor Museum Dealey Plaza Ski Lift in Gatlinburg TM 2009 Skyline - Crabtown Baltimore 2005 Sleeping Dog Benji Motel 6 Antitam Sleeping Lions and Orangutan at Commo Park Zoo Slinky Don - Mastodons on Parade - Fort Wayne 2005 SM-62 Snark Rocket - USAF Musuem Dayton OH 2009 Smithsonian Air and Space - Chantilly VA Smithsonian Air and Space - Washington DC 2009 Smithsonian Air and Space Museum Chantilly VA Smithsonian American History - Washington DC 2009 Smithsonian Museum of American History Washington Smithsonian Natural History - Washington DC 2009 Smithtown Bull Statue New York 2003 Snow Monkey in Minnesota zoo Soda Can Sculpture San Antonio Soda tasting - World of Coca Cola Atlanta Some Gave All - Guitar Mania Cleveland 2004 Sound Garden - Guitar Mania Cleveland 2004 South Carolina South Carolina Aquarium South Carolina State Museum Columbia South Carolina Visitor Center 2003 South Street Seaport New York 2003 Southern Museum of Flight - Birmingham AL 2006 Space Needle Seattle - 2003 SpacEx Rocket Launch Cape Canaveral Sparkling Beam - CowParade Boston 2006 Spin-Painting Cow - CowParade Boston 2006 Spirit of Detroit Statue 2005 Spirit of Moosachusetts - CowParade Boston 2006 Spirit of St. Louis - CowParade Boston 2006 Spoonbridge and Cherry Sculpture Spot - CowParade Boston 2006 Spring Break Cocoa Beach 2012 Springfield SR-71 Strategic Air Command Museum Omaha St Lucie Nuclear Power Plant Fl 2012 St Patricks Day Parade Delray Beach 2012 St Paul Minnesota St Paul MN St. Louis Fish Sculptures 2006 St. Patrick's Cathedral New York City St. Paul Cathedral and Como Conservatory Stage Coach Train - B&O RR Museum Stage Cowch - CowParade Madison 2006 Stagecoach shops in Intercourse PA 2006 Star Cars Museum Gatlinburg TN Star Wars Skiff @ Disney's Hollywood Studios State Liberty Bell - Albany State Liberty Bell - Annapolis State Liberty Bell - Augusta State Liberty Bell - Baton Rouge State Liberty Bell - Boise State Liberty Bell - Carson City State Liberty Bell - Charleston State Liberty Bell - Charlottesville State Liberty Bell - Cheyenne State Liberty Bell - Columbia State Liberty Bell - Concord State Liberty Bell - Denver State Liberty Bell - Des Moines State Liberty Bell - Harrisburg State Liberty Bell - Helena State Liberty Bell - Indianapolis State Liberty Bell - Jackson State Liberty Bell - Jefferson City State Liberty Bell - Lansing State Liberty Bell - Little Rock State Liberty Bell - Madison State Liberty Bell - Montgomery State Liberty Bell - Montpelier State Liberty Bell - Nashville State Liberty Bell - Oklahoma City State Liberty Bell - Perth Amboy State Liberty Bell - Phoenix State Liberty Bell - Providence State Liberty Bell - Raleigh State Liberty Bell - Salem State Liberty Bell - Salt Lake City State Liberty Bell - Springfield State Liberty Bell - St Paul State Liberty Bell - Tallahassee State of Happiness - Heads Up Kentucky 2005 Statue of Liberty 2003 Statues in Golden Colorado 2006 Stepping Out - Moosefest Bennington VT 2005 Stockyards Station - Fort Worth Texas 2002 Stockyards Station Fort Worth Stockyards Station Fort Worth Texas Stockyards Station Fort Worth Texas Cattle Horns Stonyfield Farm - Londonderry NH 2005 Streets at Southpoint Mall Strolligator - Gators Galore 2004 Submarine Force Museum - Groton CT 2005 Sun Comes Shining Through - CowParade Madison 2006 Sun in the Morning - CowParade Madison 2006 Sunburnt Charlie - Gators Galore 2004 Sundae Best - CowParade Madison 2006 Sunflower Cow - CowParade Boston 2006 Sunrise over Delray Beach Sunset Crater Visitor Center Arizona 2005 Sunset Crater Volcano National Monument Arizona Sunset over Texas 2002 SupercaliFROGilistic - LEAP Frog Erie PA 2004 Superman Museum - Metropolis IL 2006 Superman Statue Metropolis IL Surf Board art at A Delray Affair - April 2012 Tabasco factory tour Avery Island Louisiana Table Gravestone Princeton Cemetery New Jersey Takin in Minnesota Zoo Tank - CowParade Madison 2006 Tar Pit Museum Los Angeles Tarot Cards from Live and Let Die Taste of Chicago 2006 Tavern McKinley Museum Canton Ohio Taxi from Total Recall Tea Party Cow - CowParade Boston 2006 Teacher's Pet - Gators Galore 2004 Technicolor Dreamcoat - Gators Galore 2004 Technology Rocks - Guitar Mania Cleveland 2004 Ted Williams Cow - CowParade Boston 2006 Teddy Bears on the Moove - CowParade Boston 2006 Telsa coil in Virginia Science Museum Tempe Arizona Ten Commandments - Alabama Judicial Building 2002 Tenn Tennesee Aquarium Tennessee Tennessee State High Point - Clingman's Dome Terminator Planet Hollywood Las Vegas Texas 2002 Texas History Museum & Bat Bridge in Austin Texas History Museum - Austin 2002 Texas State Capitol Building Austin Texas State Cemetery 9/11 memorial Austin Texas State Cemetery Stephen Austin Gravesite Texas States Capitol - Austin 2002 The Alamo San Antonio Texas The Alamo - San Antonio The Alamo San Antonio Texas Cenotaph The Avenue at Viera The Basilica of St. Mary Minneapolis The Brooklyn Bridge New York City The CN Tower - Toronto The CN Tower Toronto Canada The Cows are Out - CowParade Madison 2006 The Egg Auditorium Albany New York The Excaliber - Las Vegas The Georgia Aquarium in Atlanta 2009 The Grand Canyon Arizona The Grand Canyon Arizona 2005 The Great Race - St. Louis MO 2006 The Henry Ford - Dearborn MI 2005 The Hermitage Nashville 2004 The Hoover Dam Nevada The Liberty Bell - Philadelphia Pennsylvania The Library of Congress Washington DC The Lorax at The Minnesota Zoo The Naturalist - Heads Up Kentucky 2005 The Navy Pier Chicago The Old Mill at Stone Mountain GA 2009 The Painted Desert Arizona The Parthenon - Nashville The Parthenon Nashville Tennessee The Pier Shopping Mall Tampa FL 2012 The Queen Mary Long Beach California The Sears Tower Chicago Observation deck The Sinking Spring Abraham Lincoln Lerna Illinois The Space Needle - Seattle Washington The Sting Best Picture Oscar The Venetian Hotel and Casino Las Vegas Nevada The Whale Trail Fiberglass sculptures New England The World of Coca Cola in Atlanta 2009 The World of Coca-Cola Atlanta Georgia bottle Thoroughbred Park - Lexington KY 2009 Times Square New York 2003 Times Square New York City 2004 Tip Toad Through the Tulips - LEAP Frog Erie PA Titanic Model Mystic Aquarium CT Titanic movie artifacts TN TN 2006 To the Moon - CowParade Madison 2006 TOADally Cool - LEAP Frog Erie PA2004 Tom Otterness sculptures - Indianapolis 2005 Topeka 2003 Topez Gem - Los Angeles Natural History Museum Toronto Parliment Building 2005 Tortoise and Hare Touch the Essence - Guitar Mania Cleveland 2004 Touchdown - Crabtown Baltimore 2005 Touching Colors - CowParade Boston 2006 Tower City - Guitar Mania Cleveland 2004 Tower of the Americas - San Antonio Texas 2002 Town and Cowntry - CowParade Madison 2006 Tracks Through Time - Moosefest Bennington VT 2005 Train Refurbishing facility - B&O RR Museum Tram car station at Stone Mountain GA 2009 Transcending sculpture - Detroit 2005 Treasure Island Casino Hotel Las Vegas Nevada Trolley Pub in Raleigh Tron Movie Prop Planet Hollywood Las Vegas Nevada Tropical Reflections - Gators Galore 2004 Twin Towers Sculpture Tallahassee Florida Two Countries - CarTunes Detroit 2005 TX Tybee Island Georgia 2006 Tyrone Power grave - Hollywood Forever Cemetery U.S. Capitol Building - Washington U.S. Cultured Pearl - Crabtown Baltimore 2005 U.S. Space and Rocket Center Huntsville AL UNC Marching Band - Chapel Hill Underground Atlanta Georgia Underground Atlanta Shopping Center 2009 Unisphere Flushing Meadows Park Queens New York United Nations New York 2003 United We Stand - CarTunes Detroit 2005 Universal Studios Islands of Adventure Universal Studios Orlando Universal Studios Orlando Florida Universal Studios Orlando Macy's Parade Universal Studios Orlando Macy's Parade garfield Untitled - CowParade Boston 2006 Untitled - Guitar Mania Cleveland 2004 Unusual statue in Birmingham AL 2006 Up Up and Away - CowParade Madison 2006 US Air Force Museum Dayton OH 2006 US NAval Academy Chapel - Annapolis MD 2002 US Space and Rocket Center - Huntsville AL 2006 USA - Pelicans in Paradise Pensacola 2005 USS Alabama Battleship - Mobile USS Alabama Battleship Mobile Alabama USS Constitution Boston 2005 USS Intrepid Air & Space Museum New York City USS Kidd battleship Baton Rouge Louisiana USS Kidd Naval Museum - Baton Rouge LA 2002 USS North Carolina in Wilmington 2009 Utah VA VA. Valley Forge Pennsylvania Visitor's Center Venice Beach Florida 2012 Venice FL 2012 Vermont Vermont 2006 Vermont Highest Point Mt. Mansfield. 4 Vermont State Capitol - Montpelier 2006 Vermont State Library Vermont Teddy Bear - Burlington VT 2006 Vermont Teddy Bear Factory Shelburne Vermooster - Moosefest Bennington VT 2005 Veterans Memorial in Cocoa Beach 2012 Veterans Park Merritt Island Vice President Aaron Burr Princeton Cemetery NJ Victorian Flower Frog - LEAP Frog Erie PA 2004 Victory Arch Valley Forge Pennsylvania Vietnam Memorial - Frankfort Kentucky 2004 Vietnam Memorial - Raleigh NC 2004 Vietnam Memorial - Washington DC 2004 Vietnam Memorial Forida Capitol Tallahassee Vietnam Veterans Memorial - Tallahassee Florida Vietnam Veterans Memorial in Washington DC Vincent's Cow - CowParade Boston 2006 Vintage Gas Pumps Virginia Virginia Aviation Museum 2009 Virginia Nature Center 2009 Virginia Science Museum Virginia State Capitol - Richmond 2002 Virginia Visitor Center 2003 Virginia. The Battleship Wisconsin Vision of Hope - Guitar Mania Cleveland 2004 Vorder Don - Mastodons on Parade - Fort Wayne 2005 Vulcan Park - Birmingham AL 2006 Vulcan Statue lookout tower Birmingham AL Walker Sculpture Garden Minneapolis Wall murals in Newport KY 2009 Wall of Lego Blocks Mall of America Wall Street Bull Wall Street Bull New York 2003 Wall Street New York 2003 Wall Street New York City Bull statue Walton Rocks Beach St Lucie FL 2012 Wandering Mind - Heads Up Kentucky 2005 Waterfall sculpture - Detroit MI Waterworld show in Universal Studios Hollywood Wedding at the Mill City Museum Wedding in Rice Park Welcome to Cocoa Beach 2012 West Virginia West Virginia Highest Point Spruce Knob Westin Bonaventure Hotel Los Angeles Westin Los Angeles Whale Trail New England 2005 Where the Cows Are - CowParade Madison 2006 White Rhinos at Lion Country Safari Whoville in Universal Studios Hollywood Wild About Madison - CowParade Madison 2006 Wild and Free - Moosefest Bennington VT 2005 Wild Turkey Distillery - Lawrenceburg KY Wild Turkey Distillery - Lawrenceburg KY 2009 William Hootkins Gravesite Windows of Madison - CowParade Madison 2006 Windsong Forida Capitol Tallahassee Wing-shaped roof Milwaukee Art Museum Winnie the Pooh on Hollywood Walk of Fame Winter from A Dolphin Tale 2012 Winter's Tail - Clearwater Aquarium 2012 Wisconscene - CowParade Madison 2006 Wisconsin Wisconsin Rocks - CowParade Madison 2006 Wisconsin State Capitol - Madison 2006 Wisconsin State Capitol Building - Madison 2006 Wisconsin Violet - CowParade Madison 2006 Wisconsin Winter - CowParade Madison 2006 WisCOWsin - CowParade Madison 2006 Wizard of Oz Cow - CowParade Madison 2006 Wizard of Oz Cow Parade sculpture Madison WI Wolf Jungle Island Miami Women's Memorial Monument Statue Boston MA Wonder Woman Gator - Gator Glam Sunrise FL Woodford Reserve - Versailles KY Woodford Reserve - Versailles KY 2009 Woodford Reserve Distillery - Versailles KY 2006 Woodford Reserve Distillery Versailles KY Wooly Mammoth Indiana State Museum World Don - Mastodons on Parade - Fort Wayne 2005 World of Coca Cola - Atlanta GA 2006 World of Coca Cola Atlanta World Of Coca-Cola Atlanta Georgi World of M&M's Store Las Vegas Nevada World Peace Bell - Newport KY 2009 World Trade Center World War I Memorial Kansas City World War II memorial - Annapolis Maryland 2002 World War II Memorial - Washington DC 2004 World War II Memorial Annapolis Maryland World War II Memorial Washington DC World's Largest Buffalo - Jamestown ND 2003 World's Largest Cowboy Boots World's largest crayon 1500 pounds Crayola factory World's Largest Fire Hydrant Columbia SC World's Largest Frying Pan - Rose Hill NC 2009 World's Largest Lego Sculpture Wright Brothers Replica New York 2003 WWI Museum - Kansas City MO 2006 WWII Memorial Forida Capitol Tallahassee WWII Memorial Savannah Wyoming Yellow Rolls Royce in Beverly Hills You Rock - Guitar Mania Cleveland 2004 Zsa Zsa Gator - Gators Galore 2004

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